Tuesday, 5 September 2017

IFMR : Data Science and AI

Does Data Science have anything to do with Artificial intelligence (AI)?

AI as the name suggests, is a replica of the human intelligence performed by Computer systems. This can be achieved by building algorithms to study the patterns, detect anomalies in the functioning of a system, audio and video recognition, data visualizations, language translations, building insights, and a lot more.

So, what does Data Science have to do with AI? Statistical techniques allow us to explore data meaningfully, develop and test hypotheses, and forecast likely outcomes in the near future. However, when the data is large, varied, and not merely numeric in nature; to unearth some deep seated patterns AI and Machine Learning techniques become invaluable.

To know more about Data Science do consider the Post Graduate certificate Program jointly offered by IFMR and IBM. Visit us at www.ifmr.ac.in/datascience . The discussions section is always live with the latest news on Data Science.

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